Black LEGO Minifigs

April 2, 2010

Lego Creations

Photo of Rosa Parks Minifig Courtesy of Dunechaser

Among all the inventions in the galaxy, one of the best would definitely be LEGO. They are easy to use, affordable, indestructible and best of all (if properly handled with the care it deserves), immortal. These tiny blocks can be used to let creativity take over from generation to generation, and each story created with every single block is – like the person that built it – unique in its own special way.

Now LEGO has been around for a long time, but their one particular product has recently caught my attention: the minifigures, more commonly known as minifigs. These bad boys spiced up the whole LEGO universe when they took the world by storm in 1978, and they’ve successfully captivated the hearts of both young and old since then.

Over 3.7 billion minifigs have been sold worldwide, making it one of the most successful toys to date. They’ve had numerous incarnations and taken many forms, from depicting the ordinary and mundane such as athletes, policemen and nurses, to reflecting the fantastic that can only exist in the realm of our imagination, like space adventurers, teenaged wizards and yes, even Santa Claus. But only in 2003 did LEGO add yet another dimension to its already ingenious technical marvel – they replaced the yellow surface coloring with a more authentic skin color, creating the first African-American minifig: Kobe Bryant. That marked the brilliant start of a new era.

Today, minifig customization has become quite a popular hobby, and anyone who can afford to do so has immortalized people from the pages of Afro-American history, from social activists like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, and Dred Scott to on-screen characters such as Jubal Early from the TV series “Firefly” and Lando Calrissian from the Hollywood blockbuster “Star Wars”. It probably won’t be long before we see a President Obama minifig in the ranks of the prestigious LEGO legacy. Although technically there is one in Legoland but he has no face so let’s wait for Lego enthusiasts to build a LegoBama.


  1. alecia
    May 9, 2011

    Hi, I have a Haitian daughter who desperately wants an African American lego minifig. Can you tell me what set the head on the Rosa Parks came from?

  2. Ralph
    May 9, 2011

    The Rosa Parks Lego minifig is a custom minifig done by a Lego enthusiast. You can mix and match head and hair parts though to be able to create the Rosa Parks Lego.

  3. Ralph
    May 9, 2011

    You can get that hair colour from the Spider Man themed sets. Look for Aunt May’s hair and you’d be able to complete the look. There are black minifigs being sold as well, just go to your nearest Lego shop :) Have fun!
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