How to Display Your Lego Creations

December 18, 2010

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Is your Toy Story Lego collection or Star Wars-themed Lego pleading to be set up and organized for display?

A lot of collectors want to show Legos and display their modern Lego minifigs, sets of vintage Lego castles and other Lego accessories and creations.

Some Lego sculptors and hobbyists are creating museum-quality displays therefore making collecting more fun and fulfilling.

If you also want to display your Lego collection, the following guidelines can inspire you.

Produce an original scene out of the Lego minifigs and blocks to create a story. For example, you can make a knight with shining body armor charging a huge green dragon in order to save a maiden in distress. This is a plain arrangement of Lego sets which can be presented as a piece of a bigger Lego scene or maybe shown on its own-if that is what you want to do with it.

Arrange the kits and sets of Lego based on the manuals and then exhibit them on a display case, wall niche or shelf.  Sets of classic Lego castle like series of Black Falcon can make outstanding displays since these are widely famous.  Spread the horses and the people around the fortress or castle to make sure that your display will look striking in every angle.

Create mini Lego exhibits from few objects or people and then display in collection boxes or small curio cabinets. Your Lego exhibit can be enhanced with a pirate hat skeleton. You can add some wittiness to your display and include pieces which can add a chuckle or smile. For instance, make a modern Lego boy in pirate both who does not know how to escape or is not sure of his destiny. You may add companions who are left on the shore.

Make Lego panorama exhibits with your modern and vintage Lego sets and pieces. Consider building a place that you have spotted from an image. These tips can help you display all your Lego collection not only for your eyes’ delight but also for your friends who share the same passion.

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